Raised Air Beds
The Perfect Addition For Any Home

If you're looking for a guest bed that won't take up a whole room when it's not in use, and can be set up in a matter of minutes when you need it, then we can highly recommend that you get yourself a Raised Air Bed.

We first discovered Raised Air Beds when my wife and I were looking for a replacement for an old futon which we used for visitors. There were two problems with this futon:

Raised Air BedWe had been looking for an alternative guest bed solution for a while before, quite unexpectedly, we came across a video demonstration showing how quick and easy it is to set up a guest bed using a Raised Air Bed. After some thorough research on the subject we decided that it was a viable solution to our guest bed problem and ordered a 24 inch high King size which arrived complete with a mattress cover and valance.

Setting this air bed up was a cinch with its built-in pump. Within six or seven minutes we had a bed ready to be slept in.

To make absolutely certain this bed was the solution we needed for our guests, we slept in it for a full week. It proved to be everything the manufacturer said it was, in fact we were both a little reluctant to return to our own bed as it had proven so comfortable. A couple of weeks later our best friends came to stay with us for a few days so we were eager to get their opinion. Result - They were so impressed that after the very first night they decided to buy one themselves.

So what makes a Raised Air Bed an ideal guest bed solution? To answer that here's a quick run down of the main features and benefits:

Video: Raised Air Bed Demo

A Raised Air Bed is the perfect addition to any home - the convenience, portability and durability of this type of bed make it ideal for overnight guests, visiting family and friends, holiday homes, dorm rooms or anywhere else you may need an instant, comfortable extra bed and when it's not in use it can be conveniently stored until the next time it is required.

Check out this article for information how to choose a Raised Airbed which will fit your needs: Guide to Choosing A Raised Air Bed

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